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Cheer Tumbling

Advanced tumbling skills are mandatory in the cheer and dance world today.  Cheer tumbling classes are for students who are or want to be cheerleaders, or need tumbling skills as a dancer.  Athletes will learn skills on the cheer floor which most simulate where they will perform as cheerleaders and dancers.  They will learn specific, progressive tumbling skills that they will be able to use in their cheer and dance routines.  Let us help you attain the skills necessary to shine as you tryout for or perform as dancers and cheerleaders!



Mission Statement

We love what we do!

Our goal is to build strong athletes and strong character.  We will do this by helping athletes set goals and achieve them through hard work.  As they develop tumbling skills they will develop life skills.  We want athletes to develop an, "I can do it" attitude!  being active will be fun as it challenges their bodies and minds.

What Is Power Tumbling?

Power tumbling is performed on elevated runways, generally designed with fiberglass rods underneath, that help tumblers propel themselves higher than a basketball goal as they demonstrate speed, strength and skill whil executing a series of acrobatic maneuvers.  Explosive somersaults with multiple flips and twists are performed by the top-level contenders.

What is Trampoline?

As a sport, trampoline varies greatly from recreational bouncing.  International competitin trampolines are larger and more powerful than traditional "backyard" models, propelling trained athletes as high as 30 feet in the air during performances.  During two competitive routines of 10 skills each, upper-level athletes can easily demonstrate a graceful array of double, triple and twisting somersaults.